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The Lonely Beast 123 - Pilcrow

In The Lonely Beast 123, the newest app from illustrator Chris Judge and development team James Kelleher & Simon Judge, the Lonely Beast returns to help us learn to count while following him throughout his day. From one beast waking up to twelve sheep helping him get to sleep, we help the beast count, as he bathes, cooks, reads and even gets pooped on by a friendly bird (husband and toddlers personal favourite). The illustration style is bright and fun with plenty of detail. The interactive elements encourage little hands to happily explore every screen. A nod to the Royal Tenenbaums, a raft of literary references, and subtle interactive elements keep the adults happy. The good quality music bests the lazy audio tracks served up by many other kids’ apps. This, combined with the lack of in app purchases and double-tap to open external links makes the app child and wallet friendly. With a loving eye for genuine craft and detail, the Lonely Beast 123 really is a step above other apps in this category. Another excellent app from the Pilcrow team. Check it out here and find out more about Chris’ books here.

The Brave Beast - Book launch & print exhibition

Chris Judge has teamed up with Damn Fine Print to create a limited edition set of prints to launch his new picture book, The Brave Beast. Beastly fans can catch up with Chris and the Beast at the book launch in The Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin on Saturday 9th March between 11 and 3. But if you can’t wait till then you can buy the prints online here and download Beast freebies here




The Lonely Beast ABC - Alphabet App from Illustrator Chris Judge & Pilcrow


Delighted to be finally trying out the much anticipated Lonely Beast iPad alphabet app for kids, which is not only from the very popular illustrator Chris Judge but is also the first fully Irish made iPad app we have had the honour to review here.

Along with the beautiful illustration work from Chris Judge and his, already much loved by toddler Cal, Beast character from The Lonely Beast there is a lot of imagination put into what could have been a very simple alphabet app. There are some lovely subtle visual tricks within the app, like A is for ant panning in from an image of an expected apple, as well as the required for little ones attention grabbing screens such as D is for Drums with drummable drums. It is also a very Irish app with V is for Van showing the wondrous thing that is the Irish white van driver and for once allowing toddler to hear the letter R pronounced as we speak it here rather than the usual “Ahhhhr” or “Arrre” of the UK and US apps.

From the excellent illustration style, the catchy opening music (which I will be requesting all the way through the screens for the next update as mummy likes to listen to it while toddler plays) and the very clever and usable functionality this is an app which will be loved by both parent and toddlers as they learn new words and their alphabet from the Lonely Beast. Congratulations on the launch to the Pilcrow team, Chris, James and Simon, and looking forward to the iPhone version launch very soon. Download your copy of the iPad app here and keep track of updates on the release of the iPhone version here.




Alphabeast from Pilcrow on Vimeo.

Alphabeast - Alphabet app for kids

Very excited to finally be posting about this one. From illustrator Chris Judge, creator of The Lonely Beast, the work of James Kelleher (our very own, excellent, logo designer) and Simon Judge comes Alphabeast, a new interactive, flashcard, alphabet app set in the world of the beast himself. Currently a work in progress you can get involved in the development and creation of Alphabeast through group funding site, fundit. With various levels of rewards for your investment, give your backing to the wonderful Alphabeast here.

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