Easy nail art designs

Imagine a splash of glitter and color on your nail beds wrapped around a chilled cocktail. It brings the party to your fingers, right? Who can resist the appeal of groomed nails that go with your look? No one can resist the lure of perfectly manicured nails. From tiny decals to OTT sparkling studs, search for fantastic nail polishes to give your nails a different look.

Simple nail art designs

Here are the top color-based nail patternsĀ for you. It’s also easy to create at home.

Red nail artIt’s not a secret that red can be beautiful and hot simultaneously. Red nail art is easily transferred from work to your evening out. This is why it has remained the most sought-after option to date. To boost the volume, go for tiny crystals.

Blue nail art

The most appealing thing about blue, mainly when walking in light tones, is that it looks pleasing on all skin tones. To add some interest, you can make a golden arch using Scotch tape and add an accent of white on the bottom. Sure, it can give you a peek-a-boo glittery accent out of the blue.

Gold nail art

It’s time to shine. Dip your edges in gold. It’s the simplest way to get the glamour beauty look without experimenting with extravagant crystals or glitter particles. Adding inclined black stripes to the top is possible to balance the glitz. To tie the look together, top it off with a clear coat. [Au]some.

White nail art

If you’re an attendant or bride (congratulations on that!) or want to keep your nails minimalist, choose this white and the negative space design. We love this design because it’s not entirely white and a mess. You can draw beautiful patterns on your accent nails and add the glossy top coat.

Black nail art

If your preferred OOTN includes an LBD, this could be right for you. You cannot go wrong with dressing your nails in black. It’s perhaps the most timeless of all shades. On a glossy dark basecoat, make thin white lines. The white highlights make plain black appear to have an intriguing angle.

Nail art in yellow

The most basic way to approach nail design is to play with tail art with negative space by giving a fresh twist to the traditional French manicure. Switch the trusted and safe pink or white for an intense neon yellow on the ends. The lightest shade of the spectrum of colors is reflected along the tips creating the appearance of nails that are longer. Clever.

Green nail art

No, you don’t have to wait until summer for longer nailsice creams. Make a cute ice cream miniature using your fingertips. Make sure you have an even base coat of excellent pasta to welcome the relaxed summer vibes available to you. Note: These ice cream cones are just too adorable to pass up, so don’t be opposed to being obsessed with them.

Nail art in black and white

Indeed, you cannot miss creating the classic love story between white and black. Use a dotting tool to make equally separated black dots on the White base coat. You can play around with different patterns and intensities to keep things exciting. P.S. We wouldn’t be shocked should it be deemed to be your all-year-round nail art design.

Black and gold nail art

Howif it was deemednt colors? The contrast of glitzy and shadowy certainly creates an exciting contrast that can’t be ignored. This is precisely what you can expect from nail art in gold and black. Are you ready for some festive nails?

Nail art in white and red

If you prefer the traditional and fancy and fancy, the splash of white and red colors on your nail beds is the best option. The undefined shape adds fun impressions that don’t seem too overwhelming. What’s more, is the fact that it doesn’t require strong hands to play this. This is pretty entertaining, don’t you think?

Black and silver nail art

Can’t decide on a nail art design for your up.good news is that you can do it by going on your black-and-bling path to keep it fun and stylish. And you can add an extra pop of color by adding a sprinkle of glitter towards the tips. To stay away from overdoing the glamour, play the nail art with negative space. Make sure to avoiderpiece by using a clear top coat.

Black and pink nail art Black nail art

If all pink isn’t your style, but you like the subtlety of feminism, We suggest black and pink nail art. The combination of delicate black and a rebellious pink creates an enthralling contrast. Make black floral prints on the base coat pink to increase the resistance. Apply this beautiful manicure to stand out without putting too much effort into it.

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