Types of eyeliner

When you think you have mastered everything you can regarding eyeliners, an entirely new kind of eyeliner has been launched on the market. If your search history on the internet is full of questions such as what exactly is a gel eyeliner and the best method to use liquid eyeliners, we have the answers you’ve been searching for! Read on to learn about the various types of eyeliners as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pencil eyeliner

Perhaps one of the most frequently utilized eyeliners can be the pencil. If you’ve grown used to lining your eyes utilizing the kajal, you can move to pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners are fast and easy to master and are very user-friendly for beginners. This eyeliner is typically smooth and easily glides across your waterline and lash line. Some pencil eyeliners resemble old-school pencils, which you must sharpen to keep the edge sharp and precise. Other pencils are mechanical and require a turn to pop them out. The only disadvantage of sharpening pencils is that they have to point them regularly before use to have sharp lines. However, considering its convenience and durability, the continual sharpening process is a minor cost!

This Maybelline Tattoo Studio Gel Eyeliner Pencil is waterproof, smudge-proof sweat-resistant, durable pencil eyeliner with soft strokes and vivid color that glides effortlessly. The formula of the pencil eyeliner is Maybelline’s longest-lasting eyeliner that lasts up to 36 hours! The pencil eyeliner comes in various exciting colors like Deep Teal, Sparkling Silver, and Rich Amethyst—Many more. If you’ve never tried colored eyeliners, check out what these shades look like using the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool. Upload a photo from your gallery, or choose the live Camera option to test out different shades of pencil eyeliner or other kinds of eyeliners, and even other eye makeup, eye makeup, and lipstick products in real-time.

Liquid eyeliner

The perfect tool to create bold and dramatic styles The liquid eyeliner offers the best precision and enables you to draw precise, thin lines. Liquid eyeliners are typically the first option for a wide range of designs like winged or graphic eyeliner, feline eyes, Egyptian eyes, and more. It is challenging to master, requiring an incredibly steady hand when making delicate strokes. The type of eyeliner tends to dry fast and should not be used for smokey, soft looks requiring a smudged appearance. The liquid eyeliner with a brush tip is perfect for drawing precise lines that will last. Most liquid eyeliners have either a matte or glossy look, and you should choose one compatible with your makeup style. For instance, The Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner has a smudge-proof formula that provides intense black color with the highest shine and lasts 24 hours.

Pen eyeliner

If you’re looking to get the look of liquid eyeliners while having the comfort of a pencil, the sketch pen eyeliner is what you’re looking for! The fine point of the pen eyeliner allows you to trace precise lines, while the form of the pen itself makes it simple to use even for the complete beginner. Pen eyeliners made of felt typically feature smearproof and smudge-proof formulas that make for a flawless application. If you are looking for excellent precision and dramatic impact, you should look into using the Colossal Liner by Maybelline. The 0.44-millimeter flexi-tip of this pencil eyeliner guarantees the fastest and most precise application. The long-lasting formula of Colossal Liner dries quickly, making it among the best black eyeliners that create clear, sharp lines.

Gel eyeliner

They are available in adorable little pots with angled brushes, these eyeliners can be at first, but they are a lot of fun when you master the art of applying them correctly. Gel eyeliners are a makeup lover’s favorite because they’re not just for defining the lash line. Still, they can also be used all over the lids as an eyeshadow base or for smudging around the outer corner to create an eye makeup look with a smokey tint. Gel eyeliners contain a significant wax content and are water-resistant and non-smudgeable. By altering the thickness and the angle of your eyeliner’s brush, you can create various designs for your eyeliner with this gel liner. If you are a fan of smudged and soft lines that aren’t as precise as those you’d get with liquid eyeliner, then gel eyeliner could be the best option. Like liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliners also require an incredibly steady hand, and sometime before you can create intricate designs.

Another thing to remember when using liquid eyeliners is that they tend to dry quickly, so be sure to seal the lids tight following each use. To get long-lasting, smudge-proof lines that last all day, try the Eyestudio Long-lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner by Maybelline. The oil-free, waterproof gel eyeliner glides smoothly on and provides an intense black color that lasts the entire day.

Eyeshadow for eyeliner

It’s not an eyeliner, but it’s an eyeliner hack! Using eyeshadows as eyeliners is a simple and quick method of creating smudged and soft lines that you can apply to add more intensity. Applying eyeshadows with vibrant colors on your lash line is also a great (and practical for your pocket!) option to experiment with colored eyeliner without buying a new one each time. Choose your preferred eyeshadow shade from the palette, dip a curved brush into the pan, and then draw a line on the lash line. And there you are, an eyeliner with a different color with no color-changing liner! You can, for example, dip your brush into a pink eyeshadow from Maybelline Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette to create a soft natural pink eyeliner for the daytime. The disadvantage of using shadow liner eyeshadows is that they’re less durable than gel or liquid liners and quickly fade or disappear.

Once you have figured out which type of eyeliner will best suit your appearance and your abilities in applying it, here’s how to apply eyeliner in a way that works the shape of your eyes.

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