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With 58.4 percent of the globe’s population currently using social media and people spending an average of 2 hours 27 mins using different social media sites every day, the stress of keeping up with the latest trends is happening on social media can be overwhelming, and also influence the ever-changing standards for beauty.

From advice on how to eliminate cellulite to the most recent applications and filters that cover up your imperfections every day, we are being bombarded by the latest tips and techniques for beauty that promote an ideal beauty standard, which, to put it simply, is not achievable.

This quite harmful advice on beauty as well as constant pressures to dress the way you want to, has become commonplace for girls, with one in two girls claiming it affects their self-esteem and a significant rise in the number of people seeking cosmetic procedures; it’s time we knew the reasons, how and why this is taking place.

To help you comprehend the hefty pressures that social media may put on the standards of beauty in 2022, we’ve looked at the social networks, Google search data, trends, and internal data to discover what types of cosmetic and beauty treatments are in high demand and the locations and ways that the pressures to use these treatments are manifesting.

There’s nothing wrong with cosmetic procedures, but it’s vital to enhance your self-esteem and not to satisfy external demands to look a certain way. You’re beautiful just the way you are, and you are in charge of your beauty.

The Rise of Cosmetic Treatments

As people become more conscious of their appearance in the cameras and have more money to spend and time to invest in it, the lockdown has increased demand for cosmetic procedures. The ”Zoom boom’ and its sweeping growth in the ”selfie consciousness led to an article by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons declaring that doctors were witnessing an increase of up to 70% in consultation requests during the time frame.

However, in the post-lockdown era, we thought it would be interesting to check if this trend has continued to dominate. Analyzing Google search results regarding hundreds of beauty procedures, we’ve revealed the most searched-for procedures in 2022 and the most prominent trends in cosmetics that are gaining popularity.

The Rise of ‘Tweakments’ in 2022

In 2021 among the highest Googled cosmetic procedure was hair transplants, with a combined monthly average of 35,000 searches. The subsequent most popular treatment was ”liposuction’ which averaged 3000 monthly searches.

In 2022, while the demand for these and more intense cosmetic procedures is at an all-time high, they’ve been overshadowed by less invasive procedures like microblading hair extensions, lip fillers”, and ”blepharoplasty'”, a method to eliminate excessive skin and fat around the eyes.

These cosmetic “tweaks,” which are less intrusive and produce more subtle effects with the help of enhancement features, are rapidly growing in popularity through 2022 as the desire to appear more natural and clean is increasing simultaneously.

Michael Saur, Partner at Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, says, “There’s a great deal of stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures and their frequently fake effects and invasive procedures. Modifications provide a less invasive modification or improvement to your body that allow you to fulfill the desire to improve or correct something, while looking natural when you do it.”

“It is this balance between the preservation of facial identity whilst subtly optimising and enhancing features that are increasing in popularity amongst the younger generation. While it still comes with risks, it can be a much safer route to go down; however, it’s always recommended that you carry out lots of research before undergoing any procedure and don’t conform to trends just because you feel pressured by social media or other certain ideals. Cosmeceutical skincare is a better way to achieve results instead of making a huge commitment and undergoing cosmetic surgery.”

The Rise of the BBL & Body Alterations

While we are witnessing an increase in these non-invasive cosmetic procedures, there’s an astronomical increase in the number of people interested in strategies to alter the body, and also the “BBL” that has become a trend in the world of celebrities and social media.

In the last year, search results for “Liposuction” have increased by 14%, accompanied by an increase of 12 percent on searches that include ‘tummy tuck’ as well as a rise of 98% in searches for ‘boob-job’ and all of these procedures are among the 10 top most sought-after procedures for cosmetics in 2022.

The procedures have been around for a long time. Still, regardless of the movement for body positivity attempting to gain traction every year, we are witnessing the demand for this body-improving potentially risky procedures increase as women, particularly girls, continue to grapple with concerns about body image and insecurity.

While we might think that we’ve made a great distance from the days of body shaming and the toxic nature of the discussion on reality shows such as America’s Next Top Model, the demands on young women to appear thin remain prevalent and evident in the mainstream media and social media where we are being bombarded with models and celebrities with ‘perfect’ bodies who are idolized.

In the case of BBL, BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), however, the increasing demand and interest in what is now regarded as one of the most risky cosmetic procedures is alarming. With 49,500 monthly searches, the BBL has surpassed nose jobs or boob jobs, as well as other well-known cosmetic surgeries that have been used for a long time in the ranking for the most searched-for cosmetic surgeries in 2022. It’s also the most sought-after procedure in every major UK city.

What is a BBL?

The BBL (also known as Brazilian Butt Lift) involves liposuction for removing fat. It is in the buttocks and abdomen for a more significant effect. Due to the complexity of the operation, there is a chance of dying and severe health issues.

However, despite its dangers, there are some risks. The Aesthetic Society reports that there were over 40000 BBL surgeries in the year 2020. Moreover, although the use of liposuction and breast enhancements far outnumber the number, however, they’re increasing.

However, what is the reason for this?

Maybe this was an extended time that was in the making. From the time that the breasts of Pamela Anderson were a goal to that time when size zero seemed to be the most popular diet option and thigh gap gaps were the most desired body type and beauty standards are constantly changing, and today, thanks to stars like Kim Kardashian Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and many others who are flaunting their hourglass-shaped bodies on social media and the BBL can be a way of getting the latest fashion.

TikTok, The #BBL is a popular topic. It has 5.4 Billion views. Despite the fact that some of these videos mock the procedure, it increases the image of the system as a standard procedure which thousands have and could be.

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