We are two mums and two toddlers, Cal and Edie, (two dads and new baby Elliott as well) living in Ireland, with a whole world of fun things to see and do.


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Alphabet print from Harry Potter - The Printorium

Combining three very happy things, alphabets, Harry Potter and lovely prints The Printorium brings us the alphabet as seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. The Printorium designers, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima are the very designers who worked on the original films and with the premium prints at a limited edition of 250 this is one not to be missed for the serious fans with the excuse of a kiddy bedroom to decorate or not. See the alphabet and the full collection Harry Potter prints here.

Yoga Poster for Kids

Love this yoga poster designed to get little kids to try out a few poses. With names like Warrior, Sun Salute and Tree there is plenty of opportunity for story telling along the way as well. Available from Joyful Babies here.  

FiLIP - Watch, Smart Phone & Locator for Kids

FiLIP is the world’s first smart phone, watch and locator combined designed for kids. With five pre-programmed numbers for them to call you, one way texting, an app that allows parents to see their children’s locations and set safe zones and a panic button this colourful chunky watch allows kids to roam free with a watchful eye monitoring them from a distance. Part of me worries about this level of tracking by already over anxious parents (never mind the possibility of anyone hacking the system to track your kids too!) but most of me just loves the look of these chunky, colourful watches that I would gladly wear and the benefit of contactable kids without the access to internet and text message bullying and the myriad of other issues mobile devices bring seems an excellent option to me. Find out more and make your own mind up about them here.


Sevenly - People Matter

Sevenly is like the Kickstarter of charitable organisations. Each week they choose a new cause to support and sell products with each sale donating $7 to the weeks charities. The model is built on “leading a generation towards generosity” encouraging people to give with their social influence first then purchase a product and eventually get more involved with a charity of their choice. The weekly product sales include tshirts and vest tops with typography design supporting the specific charity, jewellery, home wares and even kids soft toys. The organisation is impressive. The turnaround time is quick, from week to week with new supporting videos, designs, model shots, campaign information and ongoing updates on how their goals for the week are progressing (this includes not only the financial target but interestingly also their Facebook shares and Pinterest pins). 

This weeks cause is one close to every parents heart, supporting the Stand for the Silent program addressing bullying in schools. Find out more about Sevenly and their causes here and treat yourself to a giving gift here.



Fairy Tale Day - Kilruddery House & Garden

Recent hosts to the Groove Festival and the Enchanted Garden family arts festivals, tomorrow Kilruddery house and gardens opens their gates to folks of lore for Fairy Tale day. Little ones are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite knight, princess, troll or dragon (though I imagine a few spidermen will slip in too). Details of this and future events here.

The Enchanted Walk - Powerscourt Gardens

The Enchanted Walk took place in Powerscourt in conjunction with Imaginosity children’s museum. Participants were armed with a map and clues and started by meeting Lady Powerscourt who gave them ribbons and paper to write a wish they could tie on the fairy tree at the end of the walk. Along the walk Rapunzel at her tower gave coins to make wishes in the pond and a Japanese princess gave information on the Japanese gardens. There were questions to answer on different parts of the gardens, each moving you towards the fairy tree in the walled garden. At the end of the walk when you handed in your answer sheet you received your prize! The walk was good fun but suited to an older child as Mina was only 2 and although fascinated by meeting the fairy tale characters, wasn’t able to write a wish or answer the questions. Keep an eye out for all the events the garden has to offer here.





The Printorium - Harry Potter Collection

One for the older kiddos who have discovered the world of J K Rowling. Graphic designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima spent ten years creating every book cover, newspaper, product package and magical map for the Harry Potter movies and now have a limited edition collection of reproduction prints available to purchase online at The Printorium. Check out the full collection here.



Sweet Paul Kids Issue

Purveyor of all things sweet, Sweet Paul magazine’s kids issue is out now. Featuring a plethora of cute and pretty things for kids from toys and room decor to mini meals they’ll love to eat and crafty crafts to keep them busy. Check it out online here


Flying Eye Books

With a comittment to bring you beautifully designed, cherishable, wonder filled books for children, Flying Eye Books is a very welcome addition to the Nobrow Press publishing platform. Their first book, Viviane Scwarz’ Welcome to Your Awesome Robot, shows you how to create your own robot from everyday bits and bobs. Including, of course, the classic cardboard box. Future releases include the beautifully illustrated Atak’s Topsy Turvy World and Emily Hughes’ Wild. Find out more and sign up for their newsletter updates here.


Flying Eye illustration by Emily Hughes

The Brave Beast - Book launch & print exhibition

Chris Judge has teamed up with Damn Fine Print to create a limited edition set of prints to launch his new picture book, The Brave Beast. Beastly fans can catch up with Chris and the Beast at the book launch in The Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin on Saturday 9th March between 11 and 3. But if you can’t wait till then you can buy the prints online here and download Beast freebies here




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