We are two mums, three kids, two dads and one elusive cat living in Ireland and every now and then we post about the nice things we find. 


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Snurk bedding

Designed in Holland, made in Portugal, a percentage of the cost donated to homeless children and even without all these good things I would still want Snurk astronaut duvet covers for the boys. There are princess ones too if you really must but seriously, wouldn’t you prefer to be an astronaut when you dream. See the full range of Snurk bedding here


Sian Zeng - Magnetic Wallpaper

I am starting to see images of textile designer Sian Zeng’s all over the internet and it’s easy to see why. Not only has she created beautiful fairy tale like textiles in the form of cushions, plush toys and wallpapers, she has also created the ever changing magnetic wallpaper which comes to life with her range of magnetic characters. See her full range here

Fine Little Day & Little Red Stuga - Bu!

Love the result of this collaboration between Fine Little Day founder Elizabeth Dunker and design studio Little Red Stuga. Bu! is a blanket, a mat, a costume, a blankie…whatever your kid wants it to be. I could definitely see Bu! getting dragged everywhere in our house by toddler Cal. Available to purchase here.

Kids Factory - Furniture & textiles

It’s probably just as well that I haven’t been able to find an English language version of the Kids Factory site as I really don’t need some new dinosaur bed sets, a tree house or the very impressive Pipowagen bedroom furniture….but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them. Kids Factory is full of amazing and imaginative nursery and kids room sets, check out the full range here and I defy you not to want a Pipowagen to sleep in for yourself. (via Babble)

Osborne & Little - Quentin Blake textiles

Quentin Blake has painted some stunning murals for the Unicorn Children’s Theatre as reported in the Guardian today, full details to be unveiled later this week. As much as we’d love to have Quentin paint a few walls here, we think that’s a bit of a long shot.However we were delighted to hear that you can have a bit of Quentin at home, as he recently announced that he has designed some wallpapers and fabrics in conjunction with Osborne & Little. The Zagazoo collection is available now, some favourites here being the cockatoo and menagerie designs.

Big Bisou

Very fond of Mimi’Lou’s iron on transfers to personalise cushions, clothes, anything fabric. My favourite is definitely Big bisou.


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