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Alphabet print from Harry Potter - The Printorium

Combining three very happy things, alphabets, Harry Potter and lovely prints The Printorium brings us the alphabet as seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. The Printorium designers, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima are the very designers who worked on the original films and with the premium prints at a limited edition of 250 this is one not to be missed for the serious fans with the excuse of a kiddy bedroom to decorate or not. See the alphabet and the full collection Harry Potter prints here.

Yoga Poster for Kids

Love this yoga poster designed to get little kids to try out a few poses. With names like Warrior, Sun Salute and Tree there is plenty of opportunity for story telling along the way as well. Available from Joyful Babies here.  

The Printorium - Harry Potter Collection

One for the older kiddos who have discovered the world of J K Rowling. Graphic designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima spent ten years creating every book cover, newspaper, product package and magical map for the Harry Potter movies and now have a limited edition collection of reproduction prints available to purchase online at The Printorium. Check out the full collection here.



Bold & Noble - Dublin Type Maps

Some time back we featured the very lovely Bold & Noble type maps as a learning edition to your newbie’s nursery. And although it doesn’t have the same soap opera familiarity as the London map the new Dublin print is a very welcome local edition. Available unframed in sea green or sheer slate here.

Chicken Girl Design - Animal ABCs Print

Always a place for a bright and beautifully illustrated ABC print. Illustrated by Jannie Ho of Chicken Girl Design this one certainly is bright and cheery. Available from Society 6 in  multiple sizes here.  (via Jennifer Farley)

Star Wars Nursery Prints

For the parent who really wants their tot to grow up loving Star Wars (though no doubt they’ll hate the movies and agree with changing the guns to walkie talkies in ET to spite you), Star Wars nursery prints from Etsy shop My Tiny Tot Creative. In addition to the personalised prints look out for what essentially are Republic starship flashcards. Buy them here.

Famille Summerbelle - The Performers

New prints from the ever lovely Famille Summerbelle, The Performers. Featuring Maximillien le magicien and Ludo le lapin they are the perfect print for your little one’s circus loving nursery. See the full range here.

Switcheroo - Posters for boys

You might remember Switcheroo’s posters for girls that we featured about a year ago. Well now they have some for the boys. As always, expanding popular expectation for boys with positive phrases such as “i am proud to be nerdy” and “i am nice to nature”. Check out the full range and buy them here.

Ladybird Prints

You know those Ladybird book covers that are burned into your brain since childhood, well here is a new way to do the same for your own kids. More than 4,500 images from Ladybird book covers and illustrations of the 50s and 60s are now available as prints and canvases for your nursery decor pleasure. Check out the full range and let all the memories come flooding back here. (via Kickcan & Conkers)

The Milestones Poster - Chase Simmering

Do you remember the Paloma Poster, well creator Chase Simmering is back with a new project, The Milestones Poster. Featuring a rulers, graphics, charts and fabric stickers to track your child’s development, this time you can get your poster at a very nice 40% discount by helping them get production under way through their Kickstarter launch. Good discounts in there too for any retailers looking to buy in bulk. Check out the Milestones Poster in the video above and pledge to purchase here.

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