We are two mums and two toddlers, Cal and Edie, (two dads and new baby Elliott as well) living in Ireland, with a whole world of fun things to see and do.


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Shape - A Film About Design

Comissioned by Pivot Dublin with Dublin City Council, MakeShapeChange “is a project to get young people thinking about how the world is made around them and where design fits in.” Written by Scott Burnett, directed & designed by Johnny Kelly and produced by Ali Grehan, the short film is a prompt for children to think about their world and how design makes a real difference in people’s lives. Watch it above and check out the excellent detail on the website here.

Airfield Awakens

We’ve always been big fans of Airfield farm in Dundrum and were thrilled when it reopened late last year. It has been visibly developing over the last few months and had its official reopening this week. We headed along this weekend for “Airfield Awakens” and were astounded at how much was on, from the amazing “tree cosy”, tree sculptures, craft demos and projects for the kids, a knitting circle, windmill garden and puppet shows there was something for everyone - you could even get a guided tour of the farmyard by a talking sheep (or, as we called him sheep man). This was all in addition to the permanent attractions of the Overend family home, beautiful gardens, vintage cars, farmyard and woodland walks. It’s nice to see that a small cafe has been opened in addition to the delicious food in Overends for those who might want to grab a quick coffee with their picnic. There are so many places to sit and admire the view so even a busy weekend doesn’t feel crowded. We are members but for non-members tickets are €10 for an adult, €5 for children and free for children under 3. If you plan to go regularly the family passes are excellent value. They are running events for children all through the Easter holidays and have many other upcoming events including the ever popular Woolapalooza in May. These are all included in the ticket price, details on

Alphabet print from Harry Potter - The Printorium

Combining three very happy things, alphabets, Harry Potter and lovely prints The Printorium brings us the alphabet as seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. The Printorium designers, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima are the very designers who worked on the original films and with the premium prints at a limited edition of 250 this is one not to be missed for the serious fans with the excuse of a kiddy bedroom to decorate or not. See the alphabet and the full collection Harry Potter prints here.

FiLIP - Watch, Smart Phone & Locator for Kids

FiLIP is the world’s first smart phone, watch and locator combined designed for kids. With five pre-programmed numbers for them to call you, one way texting, an app that allows parents to see their children’s locations and set safe zones and a panic button this colourful chunky watch allows kids to roam free with a watchful eye monitoring them from a distance. Part of me worries about this level of tracking by already over anxious parents (never mind the possibility of anyone hacking the system to track your kids too!) but most of me just loves the look of these chunky, colourful watches that I would gladly wear and the benefit of contactable kids without the access to internet and text message bullying and the myriad of other issues mobile devices bring seems an excellent option to me. Find out more and make your own mind up about them here.


Ballyroan Library - Box Architecture

I am a lifelong, hardcore library user (and librarian) so there was no chance Edie wasn’t going to be brought to the library as soon as she could hold a book. Luckily for us the newly rebuilt by Box Architecture, award winning Ballyroan library opened up in April this year and we have been regular visitors since (we would probably be living there half the time if it hadn’t been for the amazing summer weather). Edie spends hours perusing the enormous selection of children’s books, enjoying the many cubby holes, window seats and comfy reading areas provided and always brings a large selection home. There is also a huge children and adult DVD/blu-ray section with all the Disney movies and box sets you could hope for. Storytime for children aged 3-6 is held on Tuesdays at 3.30 and there is a CoderDojo in the pipeline for older kids. There are tons of activities for adults and children held throughout the year with everything from writers’ talks to puppet shows so far. There is a dedicated exhibition space which has hosted a number of eclectic exhibitions. Full details of all library goings on can be found at the Ballyroan library Facebook page.

The Ark - Roll Up! Roll Up! A 4 Floor Celebration of Circus

This summer The Ark invites you to run away with the circus with their interactive, theatrical exhibition Roll Up! Roll Up!

I headed along with Miss Mina (aged 2) and Master Seb (3 months). The venue was bright and colorful and decked out with all sorts of circus paraphernalia. The exhibition spans 4 floors of the Ark, starting in the basement where there are photos of the Fosset family and a projection of different circus acts. We are brought to the big top by ring mistress Lizzy to meet the horse handler and learn how to walk like a circus horse. This is accompanied by a film of two young acrobats who work with the horses in the circus. Up to the next level and we meet the clowns and are given a very entertaining history of some of the most famous clowns. Finally it’s story time and an enchanting tale is told of the night the big top gets struck by lightening. After the exhibition is over the children are invited to take part in a workshop where they make crafts associated with the circus. Mina was a little young for this activity and The Ark recommend the workshops are for 4+. 

Mina really enjoyed her day at the circus and left with hopes to visit the Fossetts soon.

Roll Up! Roll Up! runs Tues-Sun until the 31st August and admission is 9 euro per person.

Sevenly - People Matter

Sevenly is like the Kickstarter of charitable organisations. Each week they choose a new cause to support and sell products with each sale donating $7 to the weeks charities. The model is built on “leading a generation towards generosity” encouraging people to give with their social influence first then purchase a product and eventually get more involved with a charity of their choice. The weekly product sales include tshirts and vest tops with typography design supporting the specific charity, jewellery, home wares and even kids soft toys. The organisation is impressive. The turnaround time is quick, from week to week with new supporting videos, designs, model shots, campaign information and ongoing updates on how their goals for the week are progressing (this includes not only the financial target but interestingly also their Facebook shares and Pinterest pins). 

This weeks cause is one close to every parents heart, supporting the Stand for the Silent program addressing bullying in schools. Find out more about Sevenly and their causes here and treat yourself to a giving gift here.



Little Bird by Jools Oliver for Mothercare

Launched back in August 2012 (I know, I’ve meant to post about this for ages, thank you to Babyccino Kids for reminding me), Little Bird is Jools Oliver’s clothing range created exclusively for Mothercare. A seventies child like myself and wife of food revolutionary Jamie Oliver, Jools Oliver’s range takes inspiration from her childhood, her family life and a winceyette gown originally bought by her own mother in Mothercare and worn by her kids today. For me, it fits my main requirement for favourite style of clothes for my kids, does it look like it could have been worn by The Red Hand Gang, yes! 

Little Bird by Jools OliverLittle Bird by Jools Oliver

1000 Things to Draw

From the Amy Ng, the creator of Pikaland, a blog about “living the illustrated life”, comes 1000 Things to Draw. A gift for those of us imaginatively challenged people who when faced with a blank page and a child’s request of ‘draw something!’ have no idea what to do. With inspirational items like ‘a mosquito tracking a ship’ and ‘a farmer morphing into a star’, your doodlers block is a thing of the past.  

Jamie’s Italian Dublin

With the not fun-ness of moving house and at late notice requiring a rental house for three weeks weighing upon us, husband very kindly decided a lunch out for all was required to cheer up the cranky family. With the rain pouring down Jamie’s Italian in Dundrum Town Centre was a very welcome sight and did not disappoint. With the kids menu in view finder format, deliciously fun food for the kids and really excellent and friendly service we will definitely be back again. See the full menu here.





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