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The Lonely Beast 123 - Pilcrow

In The Lonely Beast 123, the newest app from illustrator Chris Judge and development team James Kelleher & Simon Judge, the Lonely Beast returns to help us learn to count while following him throughout his day. From one beast waking up to twelve sheep helping him get to sleep, we help the beast count, as he bathes, cooks, reads and even gets pooped on by a friendly bird (husband and toddlers personal favourite). The illustration style is bright and fun with plenty of detail. The interactive elements encourage little hands to happily explore every screen. A nod to the Royal Tenenbaums, a raft of literary references, and subtle interactive elements keep the adults happy. The good quality music bests the lazy audio tracks served up by many other kids’ apps. This, combined with the lack of in app purchases and double-tap to open external links makes the app child and wallet friendly. With a loving eye for genuine craft and detail, the Lonely Beast 123 really is a step above other apps in this category. Another excellent app from the Pilcrow team. Check it out here and find out more about Chris’ books here.

Advice to Little Girls - Mark Twain author & Vladimir Radunsky illustrator

Possibly one for the Christmas list of mothers of little girls rather than little girls themselves. With lines like “Good little girls always show marked deference for the aged. You ought never to ‘sass’ old people unless they ‘sass’ you first” this illustrated version of Mark Twain’s 1865 short story is  a wonderful incitement for little girls to think for themselves. Find out more about this inspired reissue from Maria Popova here

Fruit & Vegetables ABC iBook - Jennifer Farley

About a year ago we were lucky to receive a copy of Irish illustrator Jennifer Farley’s alphabet iBook Animal ABC. Now she is back with her newest iBook, the bright and cheery Fruit & Vegetables ABC.

As far as I’m concerned finding a fruit or veg for every letter of the alphabet is an impressive enough feat in itself (definitely a few towards the end of the alphabet that were new to me!) but also providing colourful illustrations, hand drawn lettering and a tap to play button to hear each letter and fruit or vegetable name goes above and beyond.

I generally prefer the app format for iPad alphabets rather than iBook however three year old Cal took to it easily and enjoyed the colourful illustrations and sounds. He had plenty of giggles along the way but particularly for the illustration of letter D, it took some work convincing him that this was a picture of a date and not some other brown item.

Check out Jennifer’s full range of work here and download the Fruit & Vegetables ABC iBook here

Kevin Waldron - Pandamonium at Peek Zoo

Born in Dublin but currently living in New York, illustrator Kevin Waldron’s follow up to his 2009 Bologna Ragazzi Opera Prima award winning picture book, Mr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo, again features Mr Peek and some Pandamonium at Peek Zoo. I am a big fan of his illustration style and the kiddos do love a good animal story so this is definitely one for our wish list. Books available through amazon and prints available here.

1000 Things to Draw

From the Amy Ng, the creator of Pikaland, a blog about “living the illustrated life”, comes 1000 Things to Draw. A gift for those of us imaginatively challenged people who when faced with a blank page and a child’s request of ‘draw something!’ have no idea what to do. With inspirational items like ‘a mosquito tracking a ship’ and ‘a farmer morphing into a star’, your doodlers block is a thing of the past.  

The Dark - Lemony Snicket & Jon Klassen

From Lemony Snicket and Caldecott medal winning illustrator Jon Klassen,  comes a picture book about Laszlo and how he stops being afraid of the dark. It looks perfect. And I want it….for the kids of course…

Flying Eye Books

With a comittment to bring you beautifully designed, cherishable, wonder filled books for children, Flying Eye Books is a very welcome addition to the Nobrow Press publishing platform. Their first book, Viviane Scwarz’ Welcome to Your Awesome Robot, shows you how to create your own robot from everyday bits and bobs. Including, of course, the classic cardboard box. Future releases include the beautifully illustrated Atak’s Topsy Turvy World and Emily Hughes’ Wild. Find out more and sign up for their newsletter updates here.


Flying Eye illustration by Emily Hughes

The Paper Dolls - Julia Donaldson & Rebecca Cobb

This is a beautiful collaboration between one of our favourite writers Julia Donaldson and illustrator Rebecca Cobb. It is a story of mothers and daughters and of the importance of memory and imagination. It tells of a mother making a set of paper dolls for her daughter, the rhythmically named Ticky and Tacky and Jackie the Backie, Jim with two noses and Jo with the bow. The little girl brings them on lots of imaginative adventures where they survive tigers and crocodiles. Their final adventure doesn’t end so well but we learn how everything lives on in our memories. It is a wonderful story which works as a fun adventure tale while subtly telling us about imagination and loss. It is perfectly illustrated with Rebecca Cobb’s childlike drawings which Edie really related to. Our copy had a set of paper dolls at the back so we could interact with the story too. Highly recommended.

The Brave Beast - Book launch & print exhibition

Chris Judge has teamed up with Damn Fine Print to create a limited edition set of prints to launch his new picture book, The Brave Beast. Beastly fans can catch up with Chris and the Beast at the book launch in The Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin on Saturday 9th March between 11 and 3. But if you can’t wait till then you can buy the prints online here and download Beast freebies here




Reading Pictures - A celebration of Irish children’s books and illustration

Irish Design Shop in collaboration RHA are hosting a weekend of events this St Patrick’s weekend celebrating Irish children’s books and illustration. The weekend will include demonstrations on book binding, cartooning, presentations on vintage Irish book covers, the debut of Kevin Waldron’s picture book Mr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo and more. All events are free and full details are here.


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