We are two mums, three kids, two dads and one elusive cat living in Ireland and every now and then we post about the nice things we find. 


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Sweet Paul Kids Issue

Purveyor of all things sweet, Sweet Paul magazine’s kids issue is out now. Featuring a plethora of cute and pretty things for kids from toys and room decor to mini meals they’ll love to eat and crafty crafts to keep them busy. Check it out online here


Jamie’s Italian Dublin

With the not fun-ness of moving house and at late notice requiring a rental house for three weeks weighing upon us, husband very kindly decided a lunch out for all was required to cheer up the cranky family. With the rain pouring down Jamie’s Italian in Dundrum Town Centre was a very welcome sight and did not disappoint. With the kids menu in view finder format, deliciously fun food for the kids and really excellent and friendly service we will definitely be back again. See the full menu here.





Cal’s Second Birthday & Some Christmas Baking

Last weekend Cal turned the very grown up toddler age of two. Instead of an afternoon birthday party the week before Christmas, we opted for a playdate / coffee morning with all his little pals and their parents. The plan: a feast of baked goods for adults and little ones alike. In doing this, I discovered that I cannot make fudge. It also appears that I am much more skilled at rice krispie based recipes. I took some inspiration from the ever wonderful PinterestSanta hat strawberry cup cake toppers and mulled apple juice worked. Apple chips and oreo pops did not. 

The big food success of the day, with the adults at least, (verified by husband’s office also) was a recipe for Date & Rice Krispie squares, from Cal’s great grandmother’s cook book. It fulfills all of my requirements of being quick and simple to make, they taste lovely, and wonderfully, Cal will grow up tasting the same sweet treat tastes that I grew up enjoying on visits to my granny’s house. See her very simple recipe (pictured below) to try it out.

Christmas day out in Powerscourt

With Christmas less than three weeks away and a chill in the air we decided it was time to take a trip to Powerscourt accompanied by the lovely Misses Lesley-Ann and Mina. Our first visit was to the animals in the stables - two hyperactive bunnies, sleepy sow and piglet, cute pygmy goats and very Christmassy donkeys and deer. The mothers were all very excited by the latter but it seemed the children were a bit more attracted by the giddy rabbits. This was swiftly followed by a trip to lunch in the Avoca cafe with their delicious kids’ pasta/juice/cookie special eaten by Cal and Edie and various other delicious soups, salads and sandwiches consumed by the Mums. We then headed off to buy a few treats in the shop and be terrified by the festive animatronic gnome display. We finished with a brisk walk in the winter air to enjoy the views before the trip home. A perfect pre-Christmas morning out - animals and views for free, lunch optional!

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Cal’s first international holiday - the food!

By the time the holiday was done I was ready to return to the land of brown sliced pans and potatoes. But a week of fresh croissants every morning, markets, ice creams and fish was an excellent break. Cal ate some exceptional food, the highlights being his salmon pasta complete with prawn and cocktail umbrella on top at Le Vesuvio and the three course gourmet dinner at Auberge la Fontaine aux Bretons to celebrate his uncle’s birthday (iPhone entertainment was required between courses). 

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Sweet Paul Magazine - Kids Issue

Thanks to decor8 for sharing the news that the superb Sweet Paul magazine Spring kids special is out now. Available to view online but highly recommend buying a printed version as not only is it full of stylish buys for kids the sections containing recipes for baby, kids favourites and meals for the whole family are well worth the purchase to have on the counter as you cook. God willing any of my attempts turn out even half as beautiful as their finished results.

Sweet Paul magazine - Kids SpecialSweet Paul Magazine - Kids special

Family day out at Kildare Village

Spring had most definitely arrived this morning so we decided to head out to Kildare Village outlet for a spot of lunch and some shopping. The outlet centre is designed in a village style, on one level and mostly outdoors so very suitable for babies and buggies. One parent had a late night so the fresh air was most welcome!
We had an early pasta lunch in the extremely family friendly L’Officina, a bit rushed due to someone’s determination to throw everything on the floor but gorgeous food! Then on to Cath Kidston to buy some baby proof oilcloth for the kitchen table, and finally a browse around the new Phaidon bookshop where yet another art book was purchased to add to our already large collection. They also have a great range of books for slightly older kids.
We also discovered that ornamental fountains can entertain a baby for an unlimited amount of time. All in all a grand day out and home by three for a cup of tea, life starts early with a baby!


Cath KidstonDaddy and baby

What Katie Ate - Bumper Christmas ‘10 Edition

Hooray! It’s finally here, and we’re in it! The best thing to happen to food and Christmas, What Katie Ate’s Bumper Christmas ‘10 Edition is out now featuring cookies, sweets, New York, London, Dublin Christmases, this will keep you full of cheer and your mouth watering for the holidays.

What Katie Ate - Bumper Christmas '10 Edition

What Katie Ate - Bumper Christmas '10 Edition


One of my major can’t do withouts at the moment (and more of them later) is my BEABA babycook.
This genius product has been a godsend as we’ve been weaning Edie onto solid food over the past couple of months. It steams, blends, defrosts and reheats meaning you only need one gadget for all baby’s meals. No need for separate steamers and blenders here. Excellent not only for less clearing up after cooking, but also for people like us who are a bit tight for space, and who isn’t with a baby!

While it might seem like a big outlay initially we have yet to open a store bought jar or pouch of food which can add up, and we know exactly what we’re feeding Edie every day. Carrot and courgette puree went down a storm this morning!
We batch cook a load of meals in advance and then freeze in the BEABA portioners and defrost as needed. BEABA cooking jars can also go straight from the babycook into your bag for meals on the go. Its also worth noting that all products including the babycook are now BPA free.
I noticed recently that BEABA are now doing a baby espresso machine Expresso which has your bottles ready instantly at exactly the right temperature, a gadget I suspect would be very handy for any new mum who isn’t breastfeeding or is combination feeding as I was after the first few weeks, no more panic over boiling the kettle on time!

BEABA Bib'Expresso

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I have always been a fan of Jamie Oliver’s cooking books and tv shows, his informal bung it all together focus on taste and rustic presentation suit my slightly slap dash way of cooking.

And now I am a big fan of his work to improve the quality of food for kids in schools in the UK and US. I firmly believe that good, balanced nutrition and a better understanding of food are essential to make healthy, happy adults. Jamie’s site contains enough free recipes and how to videos to get anyone cooking. And if you want good food in schools for kids too, sign the petition now.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

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