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Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman & Adam Rex

When I read of the publication of Chu’s Day I was pretty sure we’d like it, after all it has a goggle wearing baby panda, sneezing (always hilarious in our house) and the wonderful Neil Gaiman. We went out and bought it on the day of release and we were not disappointed. As soon as it was out of the bag it was read three times in succession in a cafe to a snorting five year nephew and hysterical two a half year old daughter and we have read it every night since. As the book says, when Chu sneezes bad things happen, and it takes us through various nose tickling scenarios wondering which one will induce the dreaded giant sneeze. It is simply but perfectly worded and stunningly illustrated by Adam Rex whose work I had not encountered before but will definitely seek out again. We loved it and hope we might see some more of Chu and his weary parents in future!

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