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Yoga Poster for Kids

Love this yoga poster designed to get little kids to try out a few poses. With names like Warrior, Sun Salute and Tree there is plenty of opportunity for story telling along the way as well. Available from Joyful Babies here.  

Jerry’s Day Out - A New York City Adventure - iPhone & iPad App by Ink Robin

We do seem to stick with the old favourites here but there’s always good reason. Ink Robin’s story book apps for iPhone and iPad are consistently well made with good illustrations, good stories and interactive features that complement the story rather than showcase the technology. Their latest release combines the illustration work of Swedish artist Gustav Dejert and their own photography of New York city. Jerry is a small bird who is lost in the big city who meets plenty of interesting and musical characters as he finds his way back to his friends and in the process brings us on a tour of New York from Soho to Harlem and everywhere in between. The story is simple but sweet and the illustration style works perfectly with the bright photographic backgrounds of New York (including the High Line, so want to visit someday soon!). Check out Jerry and the other titles from Ink Robin here.

FiLIP - Watch, Smart Phone & Locator for Kids

FiLIP is the world’s first smart phone, watch and locator combined designed for kids. With five pre-programmed numbers for them to call you, one way texting, an app that allows parents to see their children’s locations and set safe zones and a panic button this colourful chunky watch allows kids to roam free with a watchful eye monitoring them from a distance. Part of me worries about this level of tracking by already over anxious parents (never mind the possibility of anyone hacking the system to track your kids too!) but most of me just loves the look of these chunky, colourful watches that I would gladly wear and the benefit of contactable kids without the access to internet and text message bullying and the myriad of other issues mobile devices bring seems an excellent option to me. Find out more and make your own mind up about them here.


Spookley at Scalp Wood Nurseries

We spent a lovely morning with Mina and her family up at Scalp Wood Nurseries in Kilternan celebrating Hallowe’en and all things pumpkin. Spookley is a square pumpkin who doesn’t quite fit in, but as with all the best stories he finds his place in the end and he has become a symbol for anti-bullying initiatives for young children in America. This is the first time Spookley has come to Ireland. There are loads of activities for kids - finding your own pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving demonstrations, visiting the spooky haunted house, colouring in, chalk boards (with the biggest chalk ever) along with regular readings of the Spookley story and screenings of the Spookley movie! There is no charge to go in and you can buy your own great pumpkin from €4 along with copies of the Spookley storybook and DVD if you wish. Scalp Wood Nurseries is opposite the old sports hotel in Kilternan and will be running the Spookley festival this weekend and next weekend. Highly recommended.

Meeting the Octonauts at Sea Life

Explore! Rescue! Protect! Yes, we’re big fans of the Octonauts in this house so we just had to go when we heard Captain Barnacles and Peso were coming to Sea Life in Bray. Once we arrived we were given an Octonauts crew hat to wear and a series of questions to answer as we went around with a promise of meeting the two stars at the end. We spent lots of time admiring all the inhabitants of the aquarium, the hypnotic rays being a favourite. Edie also got to touch a starfish, hermit crab and anemone in the touch pool which was quite a thrill. Regular feeding times meant we watched the rays, turtles and piranhas having their brunch and we were highly amused by the amount of crumbs the rays dropped, and unsurprised at the speed at which the piranhas devoured theirs. Finally we got to meet Barnacles and Peso, Edie was slightly intimidated at first (they’re very big) but moved in for two big hugs before we left. We headed home with two Sea Life medals which Edie wore as proudly as Muttley. Sea Life is a great place to visit either way but the Octonauts made it that little bit special. Keep an eye out for added extras like the Octonauts visit included in the price on their site here and as always with Sea Life, tickets are reduced if you book online. Next up, Shark Week!

The Fairy Tree, Marlay Park - Paul O’Hare

Like all magical places, knowledge of it passes word of mouth or you stumble upon them quite by accident. Such are the ways that people find the Fairy Tree in Marlay Park. People don’t always know who started it, or why. Its just a home for the fairies, a place to post your innermost wishes, or leave little gifts for the “little people”.

The Fairy Tree was started by a dear friend and colleague Paul O’Hare who works as an art instructor with adults with learning disabilities in St Michael’s House, Templeogue. He began the project, under the blessing of  Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, with his students in March 2010 when he installed the top towers along with the little door at the base. That April they installed a small window with a table and a chair in the hollow. In August 2011 they added new towers and a staircase with the help of a Danish student doing a placement in the centre, Helena. In 2012 they added two fly towers and Gandolph’s tower set on the right wing and later that year a new opening door on the right side of the tree and started the process of installing solar lighting to light the interior. This year in April they installed the fairy bedroom with 3 horse shoe style windows.

Paul has a brilliant imagination and has great plans for the tree in the future. On my last visit the tree was covered in drawings that local children had left for the fairies, and parents have brought many a toddler to leave their soother for the fairies! But its not just children who are under the spell of the fairies as many adults leave their inner most wishes pinned to the tree for the fairies to grant.

So next time you are walking through the woodland area in the park, keep your eyes open for the towers in the top of the tree, it really is a magical place.

Ballyhoura Forest Holiday

We’ve just returned from a staycation in Ballyhoura Forest Luxury Homes. Our party consisted of 4 adults and 4 smallies ranging in age from 3 and a half years to 3 months. Our holiday home was very nicely kitted out with a double bedroom with en-suite and two twin rooms that share a large family bathroom with bath. The kitchen/dining area/living room is open plan with a stove fire and all the amenities you could hope for. On site there are three playgrounds suited to various ages. I was impressed by the play area specifically for toddlers with a sandpit, slide and rope bridge. The next play area has a climbing wall and various balance activities and would suit 8+ age group. The final area has a basketball court and zip line so is perfect for any teenagers. The area has plenty of outdoor activities but is specifically targeting mountain bikers and ramblers with plenty of treks through the forest surrounds. The location is just on the Limerick/Cork border with some lovely sites to see and due to its close proximity, a visit to Fota Wildlife Park is a must. A great venue for a family break.

Mo-To - Modern Vintage Toy Cars: Candylab Kickstarter Campaign

So this just arrived into my inbox and went straight to the top of my want list. The perfect toy car, wooden, virtually indestructible and inspired by the classic American cars of the 50s and 60s. Since I first looked at the site an hour ago their Kickstarter campaign to fund the first production run has increased by about 10 grand so it appears I am not the only one to like a collectible, perfect car with the pretence that it is for the kids. Check out their video and pledge yourself an early Christmas present here.

Ballyroan Library - Box Architecture

I am a lifelong, hardcore library user (and librarian) so there was no chance Edie wasn’t going to be brought to the library as soon as she could hold a book. Luckily for us the newly rebuilt by Box Architecture, award winning Ballyroan library opened up in April this year and we have been regular visitors since (we would probably be living there half the time if it hadn’t been for the amazing summer weather). Edie spends hours perusing the enormous selection of children’s books, enjoying the many cubby holes, window seats and comfy reading areas provided and always brings a large selection home. There is also a huge children and adult DVD/blu-ray section with all the Disney movies and box sets you could hope for. Storytime for children aged 3-6 is held on Tuesdays at 3.30 and there is a CoderDojo in the pipeline for older kids. There are tons of activities for adults and children held throughout the year with everything from writers’ talks to puppet shows so far. There is a dedicated exhibition space which has hosted a number of eclectic exhibitions. Full details of all library goings on can be found at the Ballyroan library Facebook page.

Babble for Babies - Replay Theatre Company at the Mermaid Arts Centre

So happy that Mina’s mum accidentally bought an extra ticket for this that myself and Elliott will be availing of. Babble for Babies sees the Replay Theatre Company performing “a vocal wonderland” for babies age 0 - 18 months. Elliott will be at the top end of the age group but I think he will really love it. Performing in Mermaid Arts Centre 5th and 6th Sept but soon to visit the Pavilion and Draiocht among others so check out their site to find a venue near you.

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