Does it really pay to live well?


This is a really good number considering that life expectancy in the early 1900 was about 47+ years. The increase is without a doubt as a result of better medical, religious and family influences. People are more knowledgeable about these factors now than ever before.

1. The number one reason why it pays to live well is that you have the opportunity to live far beyond the life expectancy figure. With good medicine and awareness of simple things like knowing when to go to the doctor, and know how to count calories, cholesterol and blood pressure, although it sounds simple their knowledge can prevent major health problem.

2. It is not enough to live but to live a high quality live. To maintain a good quality of live one must exercise on a regular basis, eat well and drink a lot of fluid mostly water. Exercising can boost your heart rate and can help you to burn those calories. You will feel good without a doubt.

3. Another reason why it pays to live well when you are young is because you will surely reap what you sowed at young age when you get old. Ask yourself the kind of old age that you want. One that every body want to be around or run away from? There are specific things to do in your 30s and 40s that can help maintain your memory, and good self like exercising and eating foods rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids such as blueberries, salmon, fruits and nuts can actually keep your brain healthy.

4. A healthy body feels like a million dollars, it actually is. If you are in doubt pay a visit to any ICU (intensive care unit) of any hospital and you will be thankful if you are somewhat healthy. Can some of our habits prevent us from achieving a healthy body? Yes, some habits like smoking and alcoholism. Smoking and alcoholism is simply bad for you, it is not possible to achieve a full healthy body if you are dependent or any drug. If you have not started on any of these drugs please don’t start, if you have or you are in it quit although quitting is very hard but it is achievable with good know how.

5. You have a better chance of making money if you are in a good health. You would agree with me that it is not easy to make money. Don’t listen to anybody that tells you that you can make money sleeping from day one. To make money be prepared to work very hard at least at the beginning, it might ease out over time. You definitely have to be in a good health to make and enjoy the money. Keep off the bad habits and adopt the good ones, changing habits are not easy but they are doable with the right knowledge.
6. You can only be the best that you can if your body soul and mind are working in harmony. To achieve harmony you must include GOD in the equation because he can bring peace into your life. The greater things in life comes after you have achieved peace and harmony, are you trying to quit smoking, lose weight, eat right or exercise more, with GOD all things are possible. Connect with him and see why it pays to live well.

7. Have more good and reliable friends and family. People are naturally attracted to the best or the good in everything. If you are intelligent, smart, talented, gifted, or simply a very good person people want to associate and relate with you and do things with you, business, relationship or anything else. You will know that it pays to live well when everybody wants you.


8. Experience happiness beyond all boundaries. It is simply not easy to quit a bad habit but when you do, the joy and happiness lasts forever. Do you have anyone in your life that needs help, you can share in their joy by helping them quit. Simple words of encouragement and advice or showing them where to find good resource that will help them quit is more than enough.

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