Body weight training

I know this is not triathlon oriented but you can apply the princaples to any sport or fitness routine

Tiger Woods is off to an incredible start in 2008, winning 3 tournaments in
3 starts. He did it again this weekend, winning another tournament, but its
no surprise based on his physical strength and mobility.

Tiger looks like he gained even more muscle in the off-season,
Tiger is doing this all without steroids.

Tiger is physically dominating the sport. Heck, he’s even driven Phil
Mickelson to start exercising and to lose weight. Phil looks so much better
now that he has lost 20 pounds.

I’d be very interested to see Tiger’s workout program. Is there anything
fancy in it? Or is it just the basics? How does he gain strength without
sacrificing mobility? That is one of the biggest mistakes
most “bodybuilding” type routines make…if a golfer/ triathlete did bodybuilding type
training, it would most likely ruin his game just as easily as getting fat
and out of shape.

Does Tiger use a lot of bodyweight exercises? Does he do cardio or interval
training? If anyone has the inside scoop on that training program, let me

Now you certainly don’t need to be a powerlifter, bodybuilder, or gymnast to
be a good Triathlete… but as you can see by the physiques on many other men and
women competitors you do have to be lean and fit , you can’t let your strength or mobility be the limiting factor .

So you need to train…

…..3…….. Great things things to do that break up trash Ks’ and endless laps are…

1) Use a variety of bodyweight exercises to work on your strength and
mobility. This can be part of your warmup or can compose your entire
workout. Like I said, you don’t need to be a powerlifter to be a golfer or triathlete

First, start with the basics like pushups, bodyweight squats, inverted
bodyweight rows, stick-ups, lunges, and the plank and side plank for your

Then once you’ve mastered those, move on to spiderman pushups, spiderman
climbs, mountain climbers, one-leg romanian deadlifts, stability ball leg
curls, hanging leg raises, pullups, chinups, and decline pushups.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of bodyweight exercises you can do to burn
fat, get stronger, and improve your mobility. This will help you stay longer
and stay efficient on the race course.

Plus, it will increase your stamina and focus late in the game – combined
with good nutrition of course.

2) Work with a good swim coach to identify your weaknesses. Is your lack of
hip mobility messing up your stroke. Is your work posture ruining your
running mobility? Etc.

3) Eat right for fat loss and mental energy. You won’t get tired on the
course. I believe this is one of the most under-rated aspects of sport performance,

and I do not just mean supplement scoffing at my running club there are at least 7 vegetarians, not eating junk, Plus, good nutrition allows you to recover, and have higher endurance.

I am tending more and more to a majority of RAW food selection.

If you follow these three steps, you’ll have a better body, you’ll burn fat,
and you’ll be a champ. Use your bodyweight, not machines, to become
fit like a performance machine

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