10 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution.

Many of us make a new year’s resolution each year but few of us actually keep it long enough to see the benefit. We’ve all done it, struggling to keep the resolution for only a few days, make ourselves miserable, and lapse back into our old habits. So, how can a person make and keep a resolution? I think following these tips and advice will help you to keep any resolution or goal.

(1). Set realistic goals: Pick resolutions that you can accomplish and pick a time limit in which you can accomplish it. Sometimes setting too high a goal and not being able to carry them out leaves us with discouraging and disappointing feeling.

(2). Choose resolutions that you have been thinking about for some time: Resolutions should be planned well ahead of time. Last minute resolution is harder to keep than those that had been thought about some for time.


(3). Develop a Plan: Find a plan that will work for you and that you can stick to. Separate you plan into small steps like inch-by-inch step or one day at a time. Give each step a time period, still being flexible about it. Instead of focusing too much on the overall goal, focus instead on the smaller steps. This will help you to see the progress you have made.

(4). Don’t forget your resolution: Write down the resolution and why you want it. Post it on visible areas like the mirror and fridge. This will help you visualize your resolution all day long. Find a way to remind yourself of your goals and find a way to record your progress.

(5). Be brave: It takes courage to move out of your comfort zone. Be mindful that the old patterns want to pull you right back. Be confident in yourself that you can make the change and commit to it after all people like you do it all the time. Focus on what you want to achieve, and all the wonderful things that the achievement will do for you.

(6). Seek support from others: Talk about your resolution. People who are most successful at changing their habits don’t try to do it alone. Tell friends and family how they can best support you in your efforts. Find other people who have similar goals and motivate each other.

(7). Expect setbacks: Because resolution is a process and not a one time effort, temptations and relapses become an integral part of it. It’s important to anticipate them and make plan for dealing with them. For example if your resolution is the run everyday, what will you do if it rains?

(8). Accept that mistakes happen: Sometimes we slip on our resolution. Don’t let any slip cause you to quit. Mistakes happen, failure is caused. Even if you have to start you plan at the beginning again, don’t quit. Be flexible and not absolute, think of your resolution not as an obligation but something you want to do.(9). Review and re-evaluate: Once a month or at least a few times throughout the year, review how you’ve been fairing on your plan. Be honest with yourself and change your plan, if needed.

(10). Reward yourself: Success breeds success. Take credit for your success when you achieve a resolution. After you’ve made a change, you’ll feel the passion because you have ventured out of your comfort zone and succeeded, you’re then motivated to make more changes. Reward as small as patting yourself on the back makes a huge difference.


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